On the ubiquitousness of the common “Bic” lighter


The all-too common Bic lighter

Ah, the common “Bic” type lighter. Know that this is the most useful and practical fire implementation device on the markey today. Now, I know what you’re all thinking Amigo, that the Zippo is the best and most practical and sexy fire starting, cigarette lighting device on the market today and the only one that fits the archetype of the sexy lone traveller. Of course, the Zippo-type lighter fits the archetype. There is nothing chillingly cooler than lighting a stranger’s cigarette with a Zippo (or a cleverly struck Ohio blue-tip match for that matter). However, anyone that has ever owned a Zippo recently knows that they are cumbersome little beasts that are inconsistent fire makers at best. Zippos run out of their fuel, a lot. Even if you dont use them often, the fuel will evaporate and you will need to fill them up again. The flint needs replacing often. Sometimes you have to change the wick. If you’re travelling that means you have to carry all this shit around with you or buy it somewhere, if you can find it. It is expensive, all this stuff. So you have to ask yourself, do you own the lighter or does the lighter own you Amigo?

The simple plastic lighter can be found everywhere on earth. They last nearly forever and cost around $1. I have never ran out of fuel in one of these things. I’ve always lost them first. They are like pens. Occasionallly we run out of ink but we usually lose our pens first (Both items made by Bic, also). They are nearly indestructible. I found one on the beach recently that worked and I took it home. Indeed, these things can be left in a pocket or a drawer for years and they will light up as if they were new. They are the harbingers of a new, brave world! The modern age!

Ha, yes but they actually work! There are few new age plastic disposable gadgets that trump old-timey craftsmanship. Godamn Zippos are beautiful contraptions, shiny and bright and sexy, but in practicality they are beat on all fronts by the ubiquitous plastic lighter. Know that plastic lighters and pens will survive the upcoming apocalypse and surprise even the cockroaches with their post-mortem practicality.


2 responses to “On the ubiquitousness of the common “Bic” lighter

  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I’ve purchased a couple of Zippos in my lifetime, all which disappointed me. They each ended up becoming accessories instead of tools, pretty objects that did nothing. Bic lighters, every single one never disappoints and can do a plethora of necessary tasks from the given, lighting things up, to the unexpected, ie: opening bottles. Your mention of the BIC pen conjures up appreciation for multitasking as well. The classic clear cased Bic pen when drained of it’s writing fluid, can be used as a efficient blemish excavator, leaving the back pus free and decorated with beautiful, tiny red rings.

  2. That is an excellent tip! Thank you!

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