On the Ubiquitousness of the Common Bandanna


Bandanna Usage

No great expedition is ever completed without someone wearing a bandanna. Look, if you don’t want t wear your bandanna around your neck like a real adventurer that’s fine I guess. However, the usefulness of this common everday item cannot be discounted. Bandannas can be had at nearly any gas station or olde tyme 99 cent shoppe anywhere on earth. They are cheap and cost less than or equal to $1. Worn about the neck or tucked into the back pocket, they are an indispensable tool that the pilgrim can use to fight the powers that be.

With a bandanna you can do many things.

You can check your oil with it.

You can wipe your hands with it.

You can blow your nose in it.

You can put it over your nose and mouth to disguise yourself or filter air.

You can wrap it up with a plastic bag, put some grease on it, roast it over the fire, and use it as a dirty susan.

You can use it as a sling.

You can shield your neck from the wind with it.

You can filter water with it.

You can use it as a rag.

Your bandanna washes easily and dries quickly.

Your bandanna is durable and may outlive you.

Your bandanna weighs nothing and is a simple imperative tool.

Do not be caught without it.


2 responses to “On the Ubiquitousness of the Common Bandanna

  1. you write the absolute truth here!
    some uses not mentioned:
    urine wiper
    food holder
    dipped in cold water and worn on the neck = instant cool down
    feminine napkin in a jam (jam, oops!)
    fashion accessory when worn on the wrist or around the thigh

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