On the Importance of Staying Hydrated

On the importance of hydration:

On a long enough timeline, the practicality of the camel-back hydration system approaches zero. This is because you have to fill it up in a gas station sink. If this was not the case, then there would be no question as to the camel-back’s supremacy in terms of motorcycle hydration.

Keep in mind that, unless there is a question as to sanitation, all road warriors should never  pay for water. Water is free right now at any gas station or place with a public bathroom.

Camel-backs are great except when you have to fill one up in a shallow dirty bathroom sink. You also have to remove the inside bag from the pack to fill it up. You’re putting water in this rubbery plastic bag that is folded over and touching the sides of the sink. This is cumbersome at best. And all this shit is strapped to your back, which is not entirely natural anyway. Drinking water out of a loose squishy plasatic bag feels foreign to me. It creeps me out a little.

Best to use some sort of water bottle/holder contraption.

Note that the proper vessel will be found and reported upon immediately via this website. Until then make due with whatever you have…


Know this: you must stay hydrated! Drink young-gun, drink! As one rides their bike, the wind strips your skin of moisture so you must re-hydrate at all costs. One needs to always be drinking. Riding and living is a never ending cycle of water replacement and replenishment. Beer is God’s gift to man but it will make you feel like shit if you drink too much. Riding the Cherahola Skyway is a beautiful thing but sucks when you are hungover.

There is something to be said about water and it’s present near-free state. Whoever controls the water controls all. Remember, we need water to live. If thought of in this way, water is more valuable than gold. The water supply is easy to control and make people pay for. If current trends prevail…

Tank Girl anyone?


4 responses to “On the Importance of Staying Hydrated

  1. i like to fill mine up with camel spit when possible, like rabbit scat it is nitrogen rich and will keep you howling at the top of your lungs… ride on!

  2. i’m still trying to find, i should actually make it myself, something that can strap my kanteen water bottle to the outside of my upper arm so that while hiking it be conveniently accessible and not swinging around annoying like off a carbiner or tucked away in an unreachable spot in my pack

    • Another product in the IBS (International Backpacking Solutions) lineup no doubt!

    • Thanks Makka.. Doing just fine!!As per the rules, all the houses in TN are hvniag somewhat similar setup for rain water harvesting makka. Might need a little more expensive system. Govt could give this setup for free instead of free tv etc!!

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