Fear of a Magic Hat

After being poisoned by Butternuts awful brews I took a hiatus from drinking for some time. Truly I I felt poisoned and still now my stomach and guts are not the same. I can’t drink or look at awful beer, either. It will be some time before I raise a Bud Light to my lips because it’s the only thing available. I would rather just not drink.

Does this signal a change in conciousness for me?

We are nearing 2012 of course and there is some debate as to whether the end date will be a spiritual revolution/consciousness shift or a physical earth shaking end of times scenario.

Whatever. The holidays are here and the time to drink to tolerate family is being ushered in.

I chose to bust my recently developed beer cherry with two 6 packs of Magic Hat.

Prior to the Butternuts meltdown I was dancing with Magic Hat’s Odd Notion series in the pale moonlight and doing the jitterbug. I was enamored with the whole package. What attracted me to this beer was its box art; an adorable skeleton with an oversized skull and green spirals.


And, being that this was around Halloween time, I knew that it must be fresh.

And it was.

How thoughtful, I thought. I struck up the local beerkeeper with a conversation regarding the brand and he launched into a monolgue regarding Magic Hat’s center of operations in the hinterlands of Vermont. The beerkeeper stated that should one venture there, that they would be greeted by two things: the unmistakeable scent of weed and a sign proclaiming Magic Hat’s hatred of former American president Geoge W. Bush.

Fair enough, and I will venture there in due course. However, moving on to today’s selections, we have: Howl and Encore.

Excerpt from beer diary:

Encore. 6% alcohol. Slightly syrupy in a good way. The kind of syrupy that makes your tongue cling to the roof of your mouth ever so slightly and your lips just stick together a little bit. Malty smell. Fresh. Excellent. Slightly sweet, grainy taste. Perfect. It helps if you press the bottle to your forehead before you drink and say a thoughtful prayer.

Howl. Winter seaonal 4.6% alcohol. Exactly as described by the label, a powerful brew in terms of taste. Black as night, a true winter brew! Dark. I would not mix with other brews, or whiskeys. The antithesis of Encore. Smoky as fuck! Meant to be enjoyed alone on a bearskin rug.



3 responses to “Fear of a Magic Hat

  1. what, no photo of you and howl on the bearskin rug?!

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