An Exercise in Taste

Short of doing pushups with your tongue, Unibroue’s La Fin du Monde represents the latest, greatest exercise that one can do with their taste buds.

La Fin du Monde is a beautiful beer in a beautiful bottle that looks great on a shelf next to other beers, or even beets as beers is sometimes misspelled. La Fin du Monde looks better than beets. This is why I picked it out of a sea of different craft and imported beers lining the shelves at my local beer distributor. It’s stopped with a cork and bears a stylish rendering of Quebec and all of its icy northlands. The bottle and name of this beer, translated as The End of the World, draw on powerful images of quality and excite the subconscious. Carefully chosen, no doubt,  by Unibroue’s creepy Bruce McCullochy propagandist to snare the curious drinker (please, please see video here).

Excerpt from Pipe Adam’s beer journal:

Very strong. 9% alcohol. Truly the champagne of beers! (this is because it tastes like champagne) The quality is unmistakable. It tastes like hefeweizen with champagne in it, but in a good way. The high alcohol content is no detriment, and adds to the taste. This beer tastes better when swished about in the mouth, drinking slowly. As recommended on the bottle, a snifter would be most beneficial in enjoying the complex subtleties of La Fin du Monde.

Almost like a meal, hours later I am still sipping and full.


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