Turn me on: On Any Sunday

Hailed by some as the greatest motorcycle movie ever made, it is a charge that this Hooligan cannot dispute having just witnessed the 1970’s moto-epic On Any Sunday. I can’t dispute the aforementioned claim because it’s the only motorcycle documentary that I’ve ever seen anyway, save for Discovery Channel nonsense.

You can watch the whole movie in parts on Youtube, however I would suggest renting the DVD from your local library or Netflix account or whatever and watching it on a TV. Your library etc. should have it in stock because it is a relatively well known flick, directed by the same gent who did the surfing joint Endless Summer, which is another movie that I have not seen. I don’t really care for surfing anyway.

At any rate, heed my suggestion to rent the DVD and watch it on a TV with high resolution. This is because there are so many, too many, beautiful close-up slo-mo sequences of rotating mass that, when viewed in this way, help to give the viewer some semblance of how insanely fucking dangerous and crazy it was to be out there racing those bikes over dirt, grass, rocks, pavement, etc. The commentary is average and provides good info, but can be turned off completely, so that the essence of watching some gent on a bike powersliding around a corner at 120 mph with a 70’s era machine bouncing and jiggling about beneath him can be understood.

Watch it and you will understand that to be out there is truly a deathrace. It may be hard to understand why anyone would want to do this. Everything looks terrifyingly painful. And remember that this was all being done on those bikes, those old fucking bikes. As anyone that has owned an old bike can attest: shit breaks. If shit breaks at 30 mph, shit will most certainly break at 130mph whilst going around a corner.


There’s a nice little shot of some kid racing racing his bike offroad and he pulls up because his handlebars crack in half.






2 responses to “Turn me on: On Any Sunday

  1. A toast to the old days
    gritty, dirty, tough, dangerous, fun

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