Regentrification of Hooligan Brethren and Sistren or Review of Three Philosophers by Three Philosophers

Oh! Hooligan brethren and sistren! How you have been missed!
The Pilgrims of Pleiades have completed their most recent star cycle and returned to the land of nod in order provide your author with friendly companionship and you, the reader, with most excellent beer reviews!

Sitting down to a delicious afternoon meal of ham hocks, sweet potatoes, and goat cheese ensalada, a bottle of Ommegang’s Three Philospohers Ale was offered up as a sacrifice to compliment the sumptuous buffet, company, and tales of adventure provided by the pilgrims.

Arriving to us in a corked bottle, Three Philosophers bares a clean white label which can make it easily mistakable for a wine or, owing to its maple complexion, whiskey bottle.

Decanting this brew into appropriate goblets, the three philosophers discussed the merits and demerits of Three Philosophers against a conversational backdrop consisting of tales of woe and plenty, warnings against the recreational chemical known as methylenedioxypyrovalerone, and a viewing of Insane Clown Posse’s most recent joint and cultural touchstone: Miracles.

excerpt from Pipe Adams’ beer journal…

Ommegang Three Philosophers Ale: 9.8% alcohol content. Syrupy, says Marlo of 3 Philosophers, and not so much in a good way. Lu.Lu. likes it and notes its creamy headedness with a noticeable alcoholic bite that is cleansing, almost. She philosophizes that it pairs well with hearty food. A winter beer to be sure, and to be had with close friends, owing to its bite no doubt! Fuzzy and fizzy and while the label states that it is brewed with cherries or something, they can be tasted not! Marlo queefs that this brew sits and lingers atop the palette like a 400 pound juggalette.


3 responses to “Regentrification of Hooligan Brethren and Sistren or Review of Three Philosophers by Three Philosophers

  1. Yo son, Thanks for the props. Except there is only two of us in da band, eyoza! I suppose though, that the two of us make up a greater third philosopher as we proclaim the mysteries of the universe. Motha Fuckin Fathers, sons, and crazy clown ghosts, yo! A Miracle to Toast yoz!

  2. I thought this was a site dedicated to cloud 9. WTF!? Olaf and I need a quick fix before we lace up the old Nordic boots. Oh ya, by the way, beer’s for kid diddlers!

  3. Greetings and Salutations! One of these cold winter nights I propose a visit to Theee Ole Deks in Rocky Point to sample the extensive list of beers, ales, and ciders

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