Boy Meets Watch

Next up on the gear docket is this adorable little watch and hairy forearm. While the motorcycling and hooligan elite prefer to tell time and navigate by the stars, sun, and moon, those seeking a practical timepeice should consider the mood watch. A recent trip to Walgreens (get your supplements before it is too late yo) yielded this little gem for a scant 2.99 credits. Powered by natural vibrational energy from the earth and ensconced in a rubber body, the mood watch functions much like a normal watch while increasing balance, developing chi, and improving one’s mood.

Mood watch flashes “Hello” between the hours instead of a colon.

Made in the orient.

Simple and effective.


2 responses to “Boy Meets Watch

  1. i’m not sure i believe this. where are the salts harvested from japanese waters? i think you’d be better off with a calculator watch or a Swatch. Do your arm hairs ever get tangled up in the rubber?

  2. yea, sometimes. i believe these are made for designer bred hairless children.

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