Scary ol’ Bridge

…a little gem I came across whilst searching the web for mototravel tips. Something to enjoy.

It seems that this gent is touring the Americas on his motorbike.

Know that there is no paucity of humanoids riding around the world on expensive new motorcycles at all times, similar to those who set out upon rafts in the long ago Golden Age of Rafting. Too many almost. How many will end up at the bottom of Colombian rivers as artificial reefs? Not enough.


Reminds me of a bridge Marlo and I came across in Sierpe while investigating the famous megalithic stone spheres of Costa Rican lore.

Daihatsu Terios stars as quadripod.


One response to “Scary ol’ Bridge

  1. Oooh,
    I’m all tingly and warbly after watching that video. Stop by my Rubber Baron Saloon after crossing that river and check out the fine selection of vice we have to offer. Unwind, and soak in the insides of my finest whores. Leon will take care of your manly needs if you’re a sodomite. Won’t you Leon? Oooooh heehe. Yeah.

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