Adventures in Beersitting

The punishment of desire is the agony of unfulfillment.

That’s what they’re sayin’ these days.

Or so I hear.

Regardless, these next two brews left our author feeling fulfilled and a little smug in regards to his purchasing prowess.

Hot off the heels of the winter solstice comes Magic Hat’s fancy little seasonal variety pack which we loved so much during Halloween time. Bearing forth gifts of not only Howl and Encore, but also an odd notion brew, we here at manboyinthepromisedland would not be disappointed.

Magic Hat Odd Notion Winter ’10: 6% alcohol. A beautiful bottle shown with candy cane tower dominating winter hinterlands. Also shown is sleighman being pulled by 3 stars. Orion symbolism? (how droll!) States that it is brewed with hibiscus. What is hibiscus? Some pungent flower no doubt! A nice caramel color is observed when decanted into snifter. Will it be syrupy? No! It is tasty, different. No flowery smell or flavour to note. Starts with a burnt, nutty flavour but finishes smooth.


Next on the docket is Old Timey Samuel Smith’s Old Brewery Tadcaster celebrated Oatmeal Stout. They sell this at Trader Joes. My mom got it for me but don’t tell anyone.

pictured here with lion's head meerschaum, the ONLY way to enjoy such a delicious stout!

Samuel Smith‘s Oatmeal Stout: Wonderful! But not a revelation. Black and dark as night! Tastes not of oatmeal but more of like as a delicious stout should taste. There is no disappointment here. Tasty. Hearty but not Heavy. This is important. A revelation unto itself. Best enjoyed with pipe and quality tobacco and grandchild balanced on lap.


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