CB500T Resurrection update

Know that nothing is more satisfying than hearing a dormant engine come to life, no matter how many kicks.

A recent trip to the parental compound yielded some garage time with the venerable CB500T. A fierce winter has prohibited much face time with the CB, but thankfully we are dealing with a 70’s Honda here, albeit the most cantankerous of the lot, and there is not much fuss to be had. Many kicks and many moons witnessed the CB sputter and start. A tune-up and down will need to be had: the carbs cleaned, points set, and valves checked before she is to roar once again.

She was not properly put to sleep lo so many moons ago and the discovery was made of float bowls full of gasoline, although there did not appear to be any gelatinous deposits; for which the motorcycle Gods can be thanked.


She would not hold a throttle, and as such will require some tenderness.

The following work will need to be completed in order to right this ship:

  • Clean Carbs
  • Tune up: set valves, set points, set timing
  • True Wheels
  • Fix Headlight/Shore up electrical system
  • Install New Chain
  • Tune Down
  • Square Away Brakes
  • Fix/Weld exhaust flange

Non-essential but important nonetheless:

  • Change fork-oil and toss-on fork gaitors
  • Drill front rotor
  • Remove starter, garner and install block-off plate
  • Source CB450 headers and toss crossover box
  • Tires and tubes

Important spares to garner and carry:

  • throttle cable
  • clutch cable (have already)
  • rectifier/regulator (running one from OMP but best to be prepared)
  • points (have (gl1000 points are the same))



One response to “CB500T Resurrection update

  1. Watching you kick over that bike was more exciting to me than rewatching my scene with Sandra Romain. Something about the exhaust that sputters out just had me titillated.

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