A spring soliloquy? Yes? No?

Why not?

What started as an after work/class search for one or two forgettable brews to quell a late night anxiety session turned into a delightful romp when it was spied on the shelf Magic Hat’s latest seasonal entry into the craft brew beer arena. How could anyone refuse partaking in this adorable medley of inspiring brews? I couldn’t, for I was drawn in by the 12-pack packaging done up to resemble an old-timey ghetto blaster replete with a cassette mix-tape theme. Magic Hat knows their clientele, for what Katy Perry/KeSha hybrid remembers the cassette? For remembrance of all old mix tapes and good times forgotten past this twelver was plucked fro’ the shelf and gobbled down, bottle caps n’ all, fresh as a daisy.

DEMO: 6% IPA on tour label looks like a record. I like it, as it plays into the “on tour” theme. Whatever. Pours out into a rich creamy caramel colour with a rich creamy head. Surprisingly dark after settling, not at all like you would think an IPA to look…nor to taste. Reminiscent of Howl (not the Ginsberg poem) but w/ a hoppy post-taste. A delight. Yes. Delightful. Not my favorite, but a beer felt to be enjoyed in the early days of spring, the late days of winter, when the days grow longer and the air is proper mode of attire is a thick Irish woolen sweater.

VINYL: 5.1% pours out as a dark coppery coloured beer with a tiny lil’ head on top. A beautiful label begets a crisp tasting lager that can be considered a fitful accompaniment to the spring equinox. Truly special? Nah. A great beer nonetheless.

Circus Boy: 4.5% A beer tackled with a surprisingly rotten humour. Having partaken of this brew from The Inn’s muddy taps, I was non plussed and ws not looking forward to this “magical” brew. Color me wrong, for the proper version sipped fresh from the proper glass goblet yielded TASTY surprise. Perhaps the greatest Heffeweizen this manboy hath ever sampled, Circus Boy was nothing short of revelatory. Brewed w/ lemon grass, as per label, the taste harkens more to the taste of an ashy cinnamon, albeit in a splendiferous way. Unique and good. A GREAT beer. One of the greatest. A truly wonderful and artisinal creation. Enjoy yo.


One response to “Springbok!

  1. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuu…dge that box is bitching. Do you still have it?

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