CB500T Update

The CB500T still languishes in my parent’s garage. Know that it has been difficult getting over there to fix it and therefore, it remains in it’s garage cocoon.

However, know that some work HAS been done and it should not take much more than one extended session of blood, sweat and muscle to winch the beastlet from its state of dormancy. This is such a little whore of a machine and has required more attention that we once figured necessary. Just a little more though, not too much. I’ll give it in spades if the bitch can get me to Alaska.

Recent work has seen its engine tuned up to obsessive perfection. Points, valves, and timing are absolutely perfect. Front brakes have been completely gone through, flushed, and cleaned. Fork gaitors have been installed and look so adorable I want to scream. The electrical system has been gone through and all important connections have been greased with dielectric grease. A tuning session at Machina Cycles taught this guy right here how to true a wheel and my wheels will never lie again (Special thanks to Allan Albert, professional wheel truer and proprietor of Westwood Cycles. Giotta di Bondone could not true a more perfect wheel). A new gel battery has been sourced and had, and placed gingerly within the frame. A new fuel filter has been installed to replace the useless original. A new front sprocket has been installed. Know that a new rear sprocket and chain are patiently waiting their turn. Seems like a certain rear sprocket decided to arrive with it’s bolt holes a tad too small. It’s as if I tried to drill them out to their correct size but the drill was only sharp enough to do one hole and the hardware store was closed. So thats where the CB sits, wheel off and chain dangling, the tramp. We are on our way, eh?

There is, of course, more work still to be done, say replace the wheel bearings, toss on some new brake pads, etc. etc.

But first things first. Lets get this trashy little slut on the road and shaker’ down some, shall we?


One response to “CB500T Update

  1. bike riding frustration is what i feel when reading this post: “slut”, “whore”, “trashy little slut”, “bitch”, “tramp”
    “so adorable i want to scream”
    cheers to finally getting her on the road!

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