Dr. Snus

Dip it up Rich!

I’m about to.

Dip it up Rich!

‘cuz that’s what I was born to do!

A once great entheogen, the great golden tobacco leaf has been encapsulated into many odd variants in its quest to enter the human bloodstream. In the latest fad which has been around for over a hundred years, hip youngsters are stuffing little packets of powdered tobacco under their lips to catch a quick fix. Even the gals are getting into it. A tin of the stuff was handed to this guy by panboy J. Knowles for review.

General White Portion Snus: Swedish snuff sourced from Scandinavia. Better than American variants such as Camel Snus, or even Skoal’s version, which is really just dip stuffed into a little cotton sack. It’s alright if this is your thing, but packs no punch. Which is fine, because I don’t think it’s supposed to. A much more genteel alternative to American dip. It’s weak, but it cares not. Even the ladies do it, says J. Knowles, but then again everyone in Sweden does it, he adds. Supposed to be placed under the upper lip, I’m an American and require two packets placed under the lower lip for maximum enjoyment and pleasure. Knowles states that Swedes swallow the juices and that some even swallow the pouch. Don’t do this or you will assuredly shit your pants. Tobacco is a natural laxative.


2 responses to “Dr. Snus

  1. Nice pictures nice angles!

  2. “i don’t care I’ll show you love”
    what a creep

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