The Banality of Sport Part 2 and Footballing’s new KinGs

If I had a facebook page it would inform the world that, at this very instant, I am watching River Plate play Poland on an old VHS tape from 1986.

The game is, eh, alright, yet entirely redeeming for its weirdness (why is River Plate playing the nation of Poland?) and shots of hot 80’s babes in the crowd with teased up hair sporting sexy old-timey fashions (they are moms now). The aforementioned hypothetical facebook page, should it go into more detail, might mention that the aforementioned tape of Poland vs. River Plate is part of a larger cache of classic football matches sourced from an Argentinean coworker. This cache might even consist of the greatest example of football ever played, the 1970 World Cup final featuring Brazil vs. Italy, two diametrically opposed opposites of the footballing world battling for supremacy in the superheated caldron of Stadio Azteca.


Juxtapose this with the stolid affair that was the 2010 World Cup final. I remember this match more for playing soccer with Marlo in the parking lot of the bar where we were watching the match itself than for the match itself. The world has changed and game is different. The Stadio Azteca, in those days, was ringed with flowers and gents with magical names like Jairzinho roamed the pitch; it becomes apparent that Ronaldinho is a cheap xerox of Rivelino and that now more than ever a certain cynicism has woven its way into the people’s game. A child’s game really, and one that should be played with a childish enthusiasm. Of course, we did have for a brief period the clown prince Maradona and the petulant Zidane, but who will take their rightful place as the footballing king? Surely not the fat Ronaldinho or the dandy C. Ronaldo. The world cries for an artist to take the mantle!

Regardless, a football will find its way, somehow or another, onto the bucking CB500T as it makes its way across the continent and onward into new worlds.

…in the meantime, lets see if we can score cousin Drewie and I some tickets to see Fenerbahce best Bucaspor next week. I hear Roberto Carlos used to play for them…


One response to “The Banality of Sport Part 2 and Footballing’s new KinGs

  1. Inflatable football?

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