Word on the street

“So, where ya goin’ first?”

Spoken from a thousand lips, this is the question most often posed and I have grown weary of it. A normal question no doubt, totally unoffensive and all, but the mind reels at the answer. Don’t these people realize that there are preparations to make, insurances to cancel, loans to defer!? I quit my job man!

“Wherever the fuck I want”

This is what I answer in my head. But my mouth usually says “upstate” or “the Adirondacks.” It doesn’t really matter anyway, because that answer doesn’t really satiate anyone anyway. I think people want to hear, “Vegas” or “the Grand Canyon” or something like that. In due time people, in due time.

However, word on the street says that the CB500T WILL be pointed in the direction of a friend’s cabin in the hinterlands of New York, but a short skip over Lake Champlain and the Magic Hat brewery. TMZ is also reporting that your author has a VIP tour scheduled at the Maine Coast Sardine Museum on Wednesday following a couchsurfing appearance at an organic Blueberry Farm.

Best to stay tuned.



2 responses to “Word on the street

  1. I heard Ossining was a must-see.

  2. I’m in tune and looking forward to hearing all the sordid details about the sardine industry. Happy travels cousin dickie!

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