I’m in Quebec City.

I’ll be here for two nights. 300 mile day today.

Rough on a 500cc Honda twin.

But that’s enough of that. Lets get to the good stuff shall we?

Imagine my delight with whilst stumbling upon this market looking for a baguette and cheese. My God, what have we here. Quebec man, can be a fucking fabulous place.

Such incredible and fabulous brews, each more artisanal than the next, replete with carefully and thoughtfully rendered labels. I chose two Unibroue for this evening’s libations. I’ve come a long way and deserve it.

You only live once.

Or an infinite number of times.

Blanche de Chambly: 5% abv. Most definitely a white ale.
Well balanced. Typical Unibroue. A strength of character that belies its low abv. In terms of taste, this brew has bite. Well thought out and well crafted beer. It is hard for me not to love any and all Unibroue products. The backlabel, and backstory, reads: Blanche de Chambly honours the Captain Jacques de Chambly, who built historic Fort Chambly on the Richelieu River in 1665 to defend Montreal and the colony. Dispatched by King Louis XIV to lead the
fighting Carignan- Salieres Regiment, he achieved the legendary Iroquois peace of 1667. He was awarded the title of Seigneur of the region (today Chambly). Officers and soldiers were also encouraged to stay. Many of them married Filles du Roi and prospered.

Ephemere Black Currant: 5.5% abv. Like I said, it is really
difficult for me to find fault with Unibroue’s brews. So I won’t, at least not with Ephermere. Sumptious, delicious, and decadent. Fruity, you can taste the currant, but not unpleasant at all. This is hard to do. A truly perfect blend. Bravo Unibroue! Smells great as well! Goes great with the Legendary Pink Dots in a hostel in Quebec City.



One response to “Overawed

  1. Brought our Czech CS couple to the corner beer grocery in your honor we tasted 4 different brews: Dogfish was a hit but I seemed to be the only one to enjoy the Rasputin, Russian stout. Made me think, “why didn’t we frequent that corner beer grocery with Pipe more often?”. Cheers!

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