To Tweek To Sleep No More

The cops are hot man

What, you mean like they’re sexy?

Nah man, they’re lookin’ for tweekers. You know what a tweeker is, right?

Yea man.

Welcome to California.

Enter: The Salton Sea.

The search for America’s greatest wasteland continues, and it’s a hot one. Two hundred miles southeast of LA will find one boiling in the intense heat of the Colorado desert, toes edge on the scaly slimy shores of America’s greatest inland sea, the Salton Sea, a teasingly beautiful nightmare. Breathe in the funk of a million dead fish and know that you are alive. They are everwhere, their fishy hides tanned by the aridity of the desert or bones bleached to a sickening pallor by the unrelenting rays of the burning desert sun.


Razor blade fishbones make up the sand of forgotten beaches and pierce the feet. Failed communities lie in ruins and dot the shoreline at various intervals, their antediluvian structures jutting out at weird angles and half submerged in salty muck.

Que the music for America’s greatest nightmare. For I have found it at last.

The heat of this place is completely palpable and unyielding. Your brain boils inside your skull and all the while the Salton looms, a sassy tease that is both salty and cool and full of dead and rotting fish.

Niland, California: Capital city of the California badlands and meth central. Be sure to check out the swap meet and chat up the coloful local gentry. Fill up your water jugs and head to Slab City to complete the true American pilgrimage. Salvation Mountain towers in the distance, a christian volcano in the middle of this squatters paradise. A Mecca of Americana in the desert.

The west is the best.

pictures by A. Mora Prinzgauer

6 responses to “To Tweek To Sleep No More

  1. Place is surreal.

  2. brandy turnbuckle


  3. I want to eat those fish. It would be like eating out my woman.

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