Sacred Sites

Blythe Intaglios: Just across the Californian border, 18 miles North of the nothing town of Blythe, lie great humanoid figures scraped into the desert floor ages ago by a forgotten few. The Old Ones. In this great dark age, even now, their traces remain and are remarkable.


Quartzite, AZ: Snowbird haven and resting place of the last formally ordained federal camel jockey, Hi-Jolly. This Syrian beastmaster was responsible for taming the 70 odd camels that were part of a US Army experimental program that sought to utilize the dromedaries’ unique adapations for freighting and communications in the US Southwest in the mid-1800’s. After the Civil War broke out, the project was abandoned and the camels were left to their own devices out in the wastelands; the last reported camel sighting was in the 1940’s, nearly 100 years after the genesis of this weird experiment.


Casa Grande: The Old Ones still have a few tricks left up there myriad sleeves, eh? Indeed. A trip to Coolidge, AZ and a visit to Casa Grande will confirm. According to white scholars this ancient ruin was abandoned by the Hualapai in the 1450’s, although little is actaully known about the structure. Holes in the remaining portion of this ancient four story relic line up perfectly with celestial events. Come here and marvel at history’s forgotten past and note the well kept giant sun shade, erected in the 1930’s, that keeps the suns violent rays from damaging this adobe structure.

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