Sacred Sites: old Mexico edition

Guachimontones: Situated about 30 miles west of Guadalajara in the land of the Agave, the Guachimontones ruins are some of the best that Western Mexico has to offer. Large and in charge, but exceedingly primitive in comparison to the ruins of central Mexico and the Yucatan peninsula, the ruins at Guachimontones are nontheless chido bueno and not at all unnapealing to the eye of the lonesome adventurer.

Los Toriles: Located about 3km east of the nothing town of Ixtlan del Rio, and on one´s way to Guadalajara, lay the ruins of Los Toriles. They are in seemingly good shape and are what remains of an ancient pre-Columbian city. Pay your 35 peso admission fee and walk the grounds where the old ones once walked, but take care not to tumble into one of the shaft tombs that are so indicative of the forgotten race that built this place.

Tequila: Ah, the seat of the land of the Agave! Tequila, Mexico does not dissapoint and plays host to several distilleries that produce this intoxicating and delicious beverage culled from the juices of the Agave plant. Fields of this blue green succulent dot the surrounding landscape for miles, their razor sharp arms outstretched towards the sun and making for a delightful ride towards Guadalajara on libre Ruta 15. Remember that in the land of the Agave the man who remembers yesterday not is king… although perhaps fool for a liftime.


3 responses to “Sacred Sites: old Mexico edition

  1. Mike Patton, a poet for the ages. “What is ‘it’?” I’m sure you’ve asked yourself this very question hundreds, maybe millions of times. fuckin prophet!

  2. brandywine vinyards

    ugh, gross. look at all those gringoes in those pics, toiling away for that cash to send home to their relatives across the border. despicable. I bet they don’t pay-so their taxes! The financial burden on Meh-ico escapes into the aether effervescently like cantor dust! (escapes north) idecipherable spam notwithstanding.

  3. fool for a lifetime

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