Less a God…

Back, going back in the wayback machine across the pampas the plains and through the mysts of time we remember the epoch of Maradona, the last great king of the pitch, and the indellible stamp his tiny little boots left on earth planet.

If Argentina should be associated with anything, anything at all, it should be Maradona.

We all know Che.


Somehow they survive the ages, the cult of personality that strong but in a perfect world aspiring dictators and wives of dictators fade away and only the artists remain.

Remember that Maradona never killed anybody.




And so we celebrate the legend, but less the legend and more the truth preserved for all time on grainy television footage sourced from the last baktun.

A nod is given to Pele but little more as we celebrate the man as much as his pitch heroics. We appreciate the fact that Maradona was thrown out of the game for using cocaine, that he robbed England, that he robbed England and then referenced it comically in the press conference following the match, that he had gastric bypass surgery, that he is friends with Fidel Castro, and that he is 5’4″. We appreciate Maradona because he is the quintessential anti-hero, more person less  PR robot, and that he was the best at what he did for all time, even if that was the only thing he did best.


Maradona be praised

Footballing’s true King

But less a King

More a God.

But less a God.

More a Man

…but a God nonetheless.

In Maradona we trust.

Hasta la victoria.




A full head taller, the lumbering Peter Shilton lazily attempts to punch the pelota but is outwitted by little Diego, a better player and, indeed, a better person.

…un poco con la cabeza de Maradona y otro poco con la mano de Dios.

Happy Birthday Dude

8 responses to “Less a God…

  1. heh… remember how we wore out that russian VHS tape, a poorly made documentary about Maradona? Of course you do, it wasn’t even that long ago.

    • ah, i remember it well..that ‘documentary’ was the best highlight reel i’ve seen yet of maradona’s genius…i was convinced that he sold his soul after watching that. the kostacurta documentary on the other hand…ouch

  2. Also… if you look very closely at the photo you can see that Maradona is also kicking Shilton in the huevos. Truly classic and timeless.

  3. or the Ultimate Warrior… Never to be seen again!

  4. I did shed tear during this song though: http://youtu.be/ZRGox-EwZRY

  5. A new theory has hit the propad spin machines: “Using his weather apparatus Chaney collects the perspiration of all the drunken soccer fans worldwide who are out celebrating the birthday of football god Maradona to form the system currently being referred to as hurricane Sandy.” Looks like Glove Romney has this shit locked up dog!

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