Football is Serious Business: Scenes from the Superclásico

These people are animals…

Back, going back again to a time and a place far far away where an appearance at the superclásico was just a glimmer in the lazy eye of a thick-haired young manchild summer dreamin’ in his apartment on the beach watchin’ classic soccer games on VHS tapes from 70’s and 80’s …

But this was back when Boca vs. River meant something.

Back when Argentine football was near its zenith.

…back in the day when a lone gaucho might carry a football in his saddlebags along with the classics..

Scenes from the Superclásico: Fast forward a bit to the present. Although glimmers remain, the football is no longer with us, having been jettisoned somewhere in middle america during the exodus from the east…as the apartment floats somewhere off in the Atlantic never to be seen again.

River vs. Boca now and at the hour of chaos: Epic scenes indeed from inside the Monumental as we’re squeezed into a moshpit of filthy Millionarios and we can only celebrate inside as Boca comes from behind to tie the match in its dying moments.

A sea of swirling humanity. Smoke bombs and fireworks. No beer, but everyone is getting high. It’s a party y’all, but you get the feeling that shit could get real bad, real quick. Lots and lots of neck tattoos and one remembers that we are defenseless, our belt having been confiscated at the gate and pants held up by only the flimsiest piece of twine

Boca Pig and the Soccer Mafia: Those not in the know should take note that large swaths of Argentine football are controlled by the Barras, soccer hooligan thugs who deal in the seemy soccer underworld and operate more or less like mafia. I couldn’t get my belt in but the Barras from the plata managed to sneak a giant inflatable pig wearing a Boca jersey inside, and I guess helium bottles also to float it up in front of the Boca fans. No love lost however as the Boca boyz pummeled one of the Monumental security guards in a gaudy spectacle of revenge.


Bonus Track: No trip to BsAs would be complete without a visit to the footballing cathedral of La Bonbonera, seat of all Bocadom. Played out a week before, Boca vs. Estudiantes was an interesting prep for the meeting at the Monumental. Enjoy!



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