Hot off the presses!


A man is crossing the Patagonian plateau, covered in wool from his scarf to his gaiters, using two Galapagos tortoise shells as snowshoes…

A man is slipping on a speedo as he dives into the Panamanian Strait, covered in vaseline and towing a 1975 Honda motorbike on a raft made of dunglewood…

A man is nearing the end of his trip, but not the end of his journey, as he slides closer and closer to the end…

…exclusive excerpt from God in Submission:
P1060080“…the person who made me realize that helping others was my purpose in life was Randy Armstrong, a 15-year-old leukemia patient who visited the Manboy headquarters in June 2012. After his death, I received a letter from him begging me to help other sick children forget their pain. The letter came with a photograph of Randy in his casket dressed in the Manboy hat and jacket that I had given him as mementos of his visit. From that moment on, I felt that it was a spiritual calling and maybe it explained why I had been chosen as the Manboy. It was a much bigger responsibility than playing the hero on an internet blog. I actually had to be a hero now. My quest, my calling, had begun. From then on, we opened the doors of the Knight Rider set to any suffering child.”

ushuaia during the day






The end of the world for the end days.

Don’t forget to turn out the light.


One response to “Hot off the presses!

  1. it’s funny! I’m thrilled to hear about your foray into heroville and the great things you’re doing for children with cancer. you know, everyday is a struggle but people like you really lighten the load. Thanks manboy!

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