Kings of the Highway: Paul Naragon

In all the thousands and thousands of miles covered in our most recent intercontinental motorbike journey, and of all the thousands and thousands of eyes we’ve peered into during our time on the road we can still count the number of true individuals, outcasts, and iconoclasts on our fingers and toes.

A surprising delight it was this morn when received it was an email from lil’ Paul Naragon, met so long ago in Vilcabamba at the end of Ecuador on the way to Peru…sometimes thought about and almost forgotten.


“Greetings everyone. This email is to announce of the inception of a new website that has been created for me through the diligent efforts of one JANET HUDSON. To her I give much thanks and publicly acknowledge what she has done–THANKS JANET, YOU’VE DONE A WONDERFUL JOB AND THANK YOU FOR HONORING ME, I AM HONORED!
This new website has all my writings and poetry and artistic “doodlings” collected in one place for all of you who wish to browse into my world of wondering and wandering. The name of the website . I have just completed 300 more “doodlings” which will be uploaded as the situation permits and who knows what else may happen.
My greatest hope is that you begin to contemplate something new for yourself. Primarily a new YOU and what kind of world that new you wants to live in. Your expanding awareness will lead you to see that self-awareness is the awareness of an “imaginary you”. YOU are your invisible playmate!  I caution you not to be hypnotized by another’s ideas and certainly not mine.
Below is a new essay that will hopefully expand your expanding awareness:
 Each must begin to see for themselves that the ideas with which we more often than not think with and use to express ´our´ideas are not our own. From birth it begins. We are told who we are what our position is in family, culture, and society and the nature of our universe and phyical existence. Because we are aware of no other ideas and these ideas our parents, teachers and others in authority expect us to use, we accept them (believe that they are true). Thus, the control by others is achieved when we adopt their ideas as our own. 

By feedlot I mean to say that we are constantly being fed ideas that “fatten” us to specific beliefs. We, by blindly accepting their worldview are building their prison of confinement for us. Certainly there are  many who are content with this confinement without realizing it for what it is. In so doing, their opportunity to become aware of their nature as ‘creator of their own existence’ is almost guaranteed not to happen. This may not seem so important, but those who run the Feedlot are afraid of one important thing that could unravel the tapèstry they have woven for us. That is, self-control. When you are aware of your creative power YOU have given over to others and THAT IS what confines you—–that is, you confine you by believing THEIR ideas. The point is: No matter how things appear you’ve created them. 

Is it not like going to a restaurant and ordering something to eat. You put in an order and expect the order as requested—right? Well, if you give the creation of social order a similar consideration you see that someone has put in an order for society to be the way it is. Who? Are you getting the kind of world that you want?

If you are honest, you surely may be getting a life filled with the ideas you think about—or maybe not—but the question is always there to be asked: WHO’s ideas are these? You can’t claim they are your ideas. You have been taught these ideas or you listened to someone else just as you are reading this. We live in a feedlot of ideas and are grazing quite regularly rather than questioning what we think about. And I am not talking about questioning someone else’s ideas with yet another person’s ideas. 

There’s much to be discerned from the SILENCE. Strangely as it may seem the silence is indeed an integral part of our world. Without silence there would be no ability to express different sounds, different words, different sentences. Silence is what separates sounds! On another note, as I implied, there is much in SILENCE but its a foreign language to thinking and we know how distorted translations can be and often are.

The other thing about the notion of a FEEDLOT of IDEAS is that the Bible says, “in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the Word was God”. Now, I don’t know how you look at that sentence but it is saying something very different to me now than I originally understood. In our world the WORD is GOD. The word is sacred. and since the word comes from thinking, it implies the sacredness of thinking. SILENCE is definitely a foreign language to thinking. But, again, you even need SILENCE to think about different thoughts.
OK, that’s it. That in a nutshell is why I expressed the idea of the feedlot. This is the invisible test that we are taking. When you can see through “things” and realize they are all “thinks” you have transended form (or to express it differently, ended form.). You see the visible starts with the invisible. You begin to question what you think, not only why you think it, and realize you are the creative life force that is giving yourself to ideas you’ve been taught. Why not allowing the spontaniety of the moment to move you in the direction that the universe is moving in that moment? That may sound odd, but here’s another question: Why doesn’t the universe catch a cold! Because the energies are moving in ALL directions simultaneously. The energies of the universe do not stop to deliberate on itself which is what thinking does, which is only identifying what is happening with answers to the questions who, what, when, where, why and how. Thinking is not an experience, but we think it is! We spend so much time in identifying things (thinks) and identifying ourselves with them and then talking about what we like and dislike with others that we are out—way out—of harmony with the universe! Maybe none of this makes sense to you or maybe it does.  

Word up Paul, thanks for sharing your thoughts brohondo.
I remember meeting this guy when I walked into a hostel in Vilcabamba. I greeted a bunch of people who were speaking English by saying, “Hey, how’s everybody doing?” or something to that effect. Later, Paul and this German guy approached me, pulled me aside and told me how undeniably perfect and sacrosanct my greeting had been, in harmony with the universe it was they said. They were both tripping hard on San Pedro cactus juice. For days. Dude then started talking to me about Reptilians and Draco Greys like I should know what that is.
And I do.
Do you?

3 responses to “Kings of the Highway: Paul Naragon

  1. dito. i do too. but i don’t want to toot-toot my own superloud stereo system in the willets-mets field parking lot. If you know what I’m sayin. May make people upset cause they can’t hear themselves thinking.

  2. seems like a really interesting fellow to meet- i checked out his website, not as good as yours, kind of preachy but with good intention

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