We live as we dream

Where were YOU when manboyinthepromised died?

Were you atop a mountain, alone and stripped, naked to the elements and shaking a fist at the sky?

Were you laying in bed, awake in the dark with open eyes, staring, thinking of things that should have been?

Or were you somewhere in east Texas atop an 80’s superbike, screaming down one of those flat Texas roads that seem to go on forever, with a backpack full of chicken and a case of tallboys riding bitch..?


…there was fried chicken and beer EVERYWHERE!

DeVeiled: 5.2% “Sharp Cats wear cool hats” Fantastic bottle art reminiscent of Posada’s Mexican skeletons and dreams are dreampt of ol’ Mexico way, guey, and the day of the dead. Spill a lil’, but not too much, for even the dead deserve a day, although they can’t drink. For the time being however, we’re still alive and DeVeiled is a sumptuous treat. Nothing amazing or astounding but a hearty, tasty brew that does not, cannot, disappoint. Reliable. Trustworthy. I expected more though.

Heart of Darkness: 5.7% Dark, smoky. Dangerous? This is a really good brew. Perfect accompaniment for carving up a pumpkin, or a country bumpkin. A smoky, woodsy flavour reminiscent of burnt leaves and the tastes of autumn. Very enjoyable, hearty brew. Great bottle art. Heart of Darkness wasn’t included in the Halloween variety pack and one must question that decision. It’s very Halloweeny.

Seance: 4.4% Saison ale. Whatever that means. “It’s not drivel to be civil” says the cap. A heady pour yields a dark, colorful brew. Tasty. A nutty, woodsy flavour again though without the bite of Heart of Darkness. That’s OK though, because Seance is still a delight. A good brew to put in your camel back while leaf peeping on a superbike. Suckle responsibly.

H.I.P.A. 6.7% I feel like we’ve done this one before and I must admit, a strange addition to the Halloween superpack when Heart of Darkness was a much more apt choice. Upon first pour, the brew is definitely an IPA and yields a grassy, fresh scent. Taste confirms that it is indeed an IPA. Not bad, not great, nothing that might tempt the hands of fate. ABV is high but it does not detract from the taste. Grassy. I’d like to Magic Hat do a bison grass brew.



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