Japantown redux

To follow up on the Japan trip and punch one of the few remaining holes on our NYC cultural sights and sounds pilgrimage ticket, it was off to the Isamu Noguchi Museum in old Astoria town to cavort with abstract sculptures and shapes in the medium of stone.


Little Isamu Noguchi was an American born half-Japanese who moved back to Japan as a child then moved back to the US, then trained in Paris, and then returned to the US and the Big Apple to haunt the LES art scene for years…although always remaining a true internationalist. This shows in his work, which is unique, different. Perhaps a man without a country, and yet a man with a voice. Regardless, the abstract shapes and designs are up for interpretation and it is up you, humble reader, to decide.

IMG_20140119_153304 IMG_20140119_153358 IMG_20140119_154132 IMG_20140119_160059 IMG_20140119_160107

The Isamu Noguchi Museum is located in the hamlet of Astoria, at the crossroads of 33rd and 10th. The most direct route is to take the sky tram to Roosevelt Island and walk across the bridge to Astorie. Admission is a scant ten kopeks and appears to be worth it.

Addendum: To top off the NYC JapanXperience, be sure to stop by Japadog, which dishes up hot dogs Japanstyle, all slathered up in kim-chi and shit. Pricey for hot dogs, but the dogs are top quality and it’s all located in what used to be Noguchi’s original studio in the East Village. Show your admission stub from the museum for %10 off and free mochi ball.


Bonus tip: Socrates sculpture park is located right across the street from the Noguchi museum in old Astoriatown. It’s a nice diversion and filled with strange and terrible sculptures, friendly cats and dogs, and is rumored to be a favorite haunt of manchild fans and patrons. Enjoy!

IMG_20140119_151305 IMG_20140119_145217


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