Gods of Brazil




Will Neymar channel the ghost of Garrincha?

Ah, what a world it is we live in today! Strange days they say, indeed, yet stranger still were the days of yore when gents like Garrincha roamed the pitch!

Football was still a business back then, but more of a game it seemed. Simpler. Twas a time when a man like Garrincha, a bowlegged alcoholic, could dazzle the world and engage millions; create a style and define the Brazilian game for decades to come, all through the power of will and a personality that would impart itself on the game. A true artist, man!

The game has changed somewhat, and some still show flashes of brilliance.

We have the likes of CR7, a brilliant player no doubt yet more athlete than artist. We’ll be watching footballing greatest villain come WC time, rooting both for and against the man everyone loves to hate. We salute you, CR7!


We have Lionel Messi, another special one who seems to trade his FIFA player of the year trophy with CR7 every season. We’ll see what happens come June but no one is betting on the Argentines to take home the coveted Cup. Messi is alright, brilliant even, but a sort of tarnished brilliance that lacks bravado or panache. A little guy though, and more artist than athlete, and for that we salute you!


We have footballing newest fad, Garreth Bale. The DJ says that he’s Welsh, and thusly will not be travelling to Brazil this summer as a participant in football’s grandest tourney. Good, I’m glad. Garreth has a nice touch but is more monster than maestro. A thick-necked British skyscraper, we salute you not!


Ah, but back to Garrincha! Such a devil!

“hey you ever heard of Garrincha?
dude…reading a little bit more about his life. epic. ran over his dad, killed his mother in law, had 14 kids, had a huge dong, died of alcoholism, was retarded, and won two world cups. 
…also had deformed legs from having polio as a child. and lost his virginity to a goat”
Indeed, Garrincha was some sort of God it seems, yet more man than God, but a God nonetheless. This is fine by us as such demigods paint the pitch with an artists touch! We salute you sir, the little bird!
A strange specter indeed, the ghost of Garrincha!
Yes, but a specter not to be feared, rather adored, and we hope that a certain Neymar will inherit such, and channel one of football’s forgotten Gods and make us all forget the likes of CR7, Messi, and the repugnant Bale.
 ¡Do Brazil!  ¡Ao Maracanã!

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