The Road to Brazil

dude..the trick at 1:50! fucking mindblowing man!

haha best thing I’ve seen all day.

..much better than this:

Montes is a fucking retard for going in like that in a friendly a week and a half before the WC.

Anyway, the ‘old man’ in the first vid is this dude named Sean Garnier, a Frenchman and the reigning world soccer freestyling champion, whatever that means. Here he goes up against Neymar, making him humble:

Word up, this is basically just dancing with a soccer ball, which is tits in my book. And on a side note, we seem to be liking the Neymar more and more everyday as he exhibits just a hint of personality, more so at least than the dullard Messi and the Narcissist CR7. Will he become the peoples’ champion and heir to the Maradona throne? Only time will tell and it just may be the only reason to tune into this season’s World Cup.


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