Fanmail keeps pouring in and it seems like everyone is following our run to the cup to these days.  A handsome link provided by Ashu describes the qualities of the Brazuca: Adidas’ spherical offering to the footballing Gods of 2014.

New ball to showcase talent in World Cup

“Physics experts believe the new soccer ball created for the 2014 FIFA World Cup starting next week is a “keepers’ ball”. The new ball, called Brazuca, should be much more predictable than the 2010 World Cup ball, Jabulani, which was less-than-affectionately labelled a ‘beach ball’ because of its sometimes erratic flight path.”

The article summary as quoted above and published in Science Daily is fairly diplomatic but the truth is that the Jabulani was an absolute piece of shit. It should also be noted that millions of dollars and the collective of will of a team of scientists should be devoted to bettering humanity by curing ills rather than making a fucking ball that you kick into a net. What was wrong with the balls of the 90’s? Remember that Pele learned his trade with a ball made out of rags.

One wonders what the balls of yore were like. Watching old videos it appears that the old balls were heavy, or at least did not hold air very well. What kind of antiquated tech went into these non-bouncing leather-wrapped pig bladders?


Rivelinho didn’t care, nor did Pele it seemed. Check out Pele’s blast at 2:09. Well, anyway the vid won’t load and you have to watch it on youtube. On a sidenote: it’s FIFA’s channel and the content is surprisingly good. The video of note is a short blurb on Rivelhino and his magical moustache. There are some great scenes of WC 1970 shot on film it seems and not the grainy, hazy tv feed that one is used to. Magical stuff, brah.


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