Internet links from around the globe!

Pilgrims of Pleiades:
Good friends Marlo and LU.LU.. Currently rubber tramping it with no destination or end in site.

Above Top
For all your conspiracy-related news and needs. Of particular interest is the Ancient and Lost Civilizations forum. Join other like-minded types and rail against the prevailing academic historical milieu from the safety of your computer.

Horizons Unlimited:
Website for motorcycle enthusiasts travelling round the globe. Considered the premier website for all such pursuits.

The Selvedge Yard:

Photo-blog with some stunning photography as social commentary of a bygone era. Remember the words of Ryder Strong and stay the fuck out of Kentucky. Ryder Strong, a menswear product, presentation & branding guy, ha!

Bureau of Atomic Tourism:
While travelling the world, be sure to see at least one of the 2400+ nuclear bomb test sites.

Peter Pan’s Home Page:
Website of internet sensation Randy Constan. A REAL manboy livin’ the manboy lifestyle in his own little kingdom somewhere in the state of Flordia. For eternal children ONLY!

Sardine Museum
Once upon a time we used to can sardines in America. We no longer do this. For more information about the rich history of sardines and sardine cannery in America please visit the Maine Coast Sardine History Museum in Jonesport, Maine.

Atlas Obscura:
For weird and wonderful places around the globe, please visit the Atlas Obscura. Tell ’em Pipe Adams sent ya!

List of Megalithic sites:
As noted, a worldwide list of megalithic sites. A must have for any serious researcher of pre-historic man, or any menswear, product and presentation, branding guy.

Forgotten New York:
It is an irrefutable fact that all hooligans love abandoned places. Kind souls at this site have done us all the favor of visiting and chronicling the aging relics of old-timey New York.
Website designed for travelers-on-the-cheap. Locate kind souls who will exchange sleeping space for tales of woe. Surf or host, or do both. Karmic comeuppance can be attained at your leisure. See the manboy’s profile here.

Westwood Cycle:
Homepage for bicycle shop in NJ. Master mechanic and owner Alan Albert patiently taught the author how to true his moto wheels. Teach a man to true his wheels and he will link your shop on his webpage.

Machina Cycles:
Goddamn, owning a bike in the city sucks if you have no where to park it. Machina Cycles caters to urban motorcyclists who need to park their steeds in a safe environment. Tools and workspace are also available. Owner Euvin is a good soul who is happy with his new space because it has a bathroom, unlike the last one. Located in Brooklyn.

NYC Vinmoto:
Internet based group with real-live avatars who ride vintage bikes in and around NYC. Join up if you’ve got a vintage scoot. Or not, and choose to ride into the night, cold and alone.
Internet radio station sensation broadcasting out of Seattle. Worth listening if only for John in the Morning Theme Song. Record it onto a tape and play it over and over again.

Vigilant Citizen:
Chin up, young turk! Keep your eyes peeled and ears open, for the hierarchy is enslaving you. America’s greatest source for media deconstruction. 

Travels Without Charley:
This young chap was kind enough to comment on my commentary regarding Johnathan Taylor Steinbeck and travels around country with poodle-in-tow. Apparently Travels With Charley was a complete fabrication. A total dog and pony show. This is his website which chronicles THE TRUTH!

No hay Bronca:
Delightful travel website chronicling a young turks travels through Mexico and beyond. Good writing.

Wealth of resources for overland travellers. Care to know the price of Gasoline in Peru? Sure, who doesn’t. I know, stupid fucking question. Well, you can find it here.

The Road Chose Me:
Dan the Man travels around the land in his van. Interesting site from a fellow traveller.

Ilalo Cob Project:
Blog of Italian couple building an eco-friendly cob house in Quito, Ecuador. I volunteered with them for two weeks.

Cine Meccanica:
Slingin’ flicks in old NYC. Check out ol’ Cine Meccanica para mucho diversion. Free popcorn! Someone’s gotta keep it real in the Big Apple.

Tambopacaya Backpackers Hostel in Lima:
Ran into this lil’ gem whilst searching for a friendly spot to stash the bike while taking a side trip to Easter Island. Run by the impish Limeño se llama Scott, Tambopacaya has been laid back, quiet, and clean. It’s in a decent part of Lima that is not really too close to anything but anything you might want to see is a ten minute bus ride away. Scott has a pet monkey on the roof which always has a boner, and a weird boner it is because it’s shaped like a nail, or clavo en castellano. It creeps me out. Pero no pasa nada. Pass the time practicing your castellano with Scott as he regals you with stories of his new project, a hostal near the site of the ancient pyramids of Caral. A work in progress, Scott hopes to have it up and running very soon. Check it out here: CaralTambo Eco-Camping.

Camping Tipanie Moana – Easter Island:
There are not a lot of cheap places to stay on Easter Island. There aren’t really any hostels or anything like that. The cheapest option is to camp and Tipanie Moana costs 4500 Chilean Pesos per night if you have your own tent, 5500 if you need to rent one; about $9 and $11 respectively. This is pretty good on an island where a hot dog costs $8, although it was a good hot dog and came on a little plastic stand. Owner Benjamin is friendly and helpful, so much so that I continuously eyed him with an air of suspicion; but all for not and everything was always on the up and up at Tipanie Moana. Hot-water, a nice shared kitchen, wi-fi, airport pickup and delivery, and free Bill Cosby-like horsey rides on Benjamin’s knees for campers round out the amenities.

Mike’s Motorcycle Madness:
Journey into the depths of madness with motorcycle miscreant Michael. Nah, Mike’s a cool dude alright, coming from the states on a KLR250 solo, and thumping along to the beat of his own cylinder.

The Greatest Danes:
Motorcycle adventuristas, lil’ Lars and the realest girl Henrietta were encountered at a campground up in the Yukon. Henrietta actually rode her own bike, something that is rarely seen and to be commended in the utmost. Slaves to ritual, each would partake in a licorice pipe after border crossings, or which there were many on their epic voyage. Check em’ out!


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