“Therefore I consider that it is for me a matter of praise, not of blame, that I have hitherto and worthily pursued my wanderings. For this will I bear witness respecting nature: he who will investigate her ways must travel her books with his feet. That which is written is investigated not through its letters, but nature from land to land-as often a land so often a leaf. Thus is the Codex of Nature, and thus must its leaves be turned.” -Paracelsus

Right, and while the CB500T may not be considered to be a real big bike, it is big enough and will fit the bill, it has to, for this ride. I trust it, but not implicity, and it will be interesting to see how far we go. So start taking bets.

The ultimate mission is to travel the world, to bound it like a belt with my path of travel. It is assumed that either time, luck, or money (or a combination of the aforementioned) will run out at some point, so I’m not holding too hard to that. I will do my best, although my best is usually good enough so we’ll see what happens. There is no fixed route, no particular place I need to be. I’ll be doing it alone.

And while there is no real plan per se, there are plenty of things that I feel I must see and experience. A short list no doubt. Feel free to add any suggestions or comments.

Places to see/go:


Cabazon Dinos: from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure. Ultimate road flick. Dowwwwwn! Done and done.
Trinity site: America’s first atomic bomb test site. Innaccessible
Thermopolis: Land of thermal pools in America’s Wyoming. Done
Route 66: America’s mother road. Rode pieces of it.
Roswell: UFO site. Nowheresville.
Area 51: Black mailbox. White bus. Too many secrets. Done
Marfa, Texas: Marfa lights. Nowheresville.
San Antonio: The Alamo
Badlands: For bad boyz. Done
Alberta Badlands: For bad Alberts. Missed
Alaska: The last American wilderness. Done
Yellowknife: Nowheresville, Canada. See the Northern Lights here! Missed
Highway 50 through Nevada: America’s loneliest highway and tourist trap. Done
Redwoods: Big Ass Trees
Craters of the Moon National Park: Where they filmed the moon landing. Missed. Where is it? Idaho maybe?
All 50 states: I am an American. In due time…
Glacier NP: In Montana. Missed
Salt Flats: Better than salt rounds.
Death Valley: Better than Death Canyon.
Joshua Tree: Joshua’s Tree. Done
Largest ball of twine: Classic American roadtrip staple. Where is it?!
Las Vegas: Never been. Done
Meteor Crater, AZ: Big ol’ crater. Didn´t want to pay $15 entrance fee. Some shit should just be free.
Lolo Motorway, Idaho: A very nice road. Done
Grand Canyon: Classic American roadtrip staple. What isn’t these days? Done
Mojave: Desert of renown. Done
San Francisco: Counter-culture haven and home of famous bridge.
Parent, QC: Nowheresville, Quebec. Missed.
Halliburton Forest, ON: treetop walk, wolf preserve. Missed, eh.
Bingham Canyon copper mine: largest man-made excavation in the world in Kennecott, UT
Randy’s Donuts: iconic donut. Done


Tikal: Ancient temples.
Australian outback: We all have our own outback. Maxx?
Stonehenge: Epicenter of all ley lines.
Egyptian Pyramids: Who built them and why? Surely they are tombs! ha!
Sacsayhuaman: Ancient mesolithan fortress in Cuzco, Peru. We are all the sons of one god. Aren’t we?
Moray: Ancient “Incan” agricultural experimental site.
Easter Island: Borrow balsa log raft for voyage to lonely outpost.
Atacama desert: A far away, desolate and exotic, place.
Rio: Home of worlds’ best bubble butts.
Door to Hell: Fiery hole in the ground near Darvaz, Uzbekistan.
Nazca Lines: Landing strip of the Gods.


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  2. Hey Richard, How is things going. I am just checking out your web site. Take care of you self. Mama Kim

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