Past Adventures

The following page details Adventures from the distant past in shaky chronological order.

Remember: None of this exists or is even real:

To Florida and Beyond: A Motorcycle Journey Through Time:
High-times on the United State’s very own Atlantic seaboard. A first moto-solo trip to whet the wanderlust of our manboyadventurer.

Ryde or Die: Take me to another place
This trip saw the return of Ryder Strong to take on the American south astride the Ninja 500. Join him on this epic ride as he leaves friends and fires in Centralia to strike West towards the Mississippi astride the Ninja 500. Will he make it…?

Matagami and Beyond: Adventures in the Barren Lands
A true adventure astride the venerable CB500T, the preferred mode of transport in northern Quebec’s barren lands. Join young Pipe Adams as he sets out in search of North America’s most desolate road!

Ryder Strong is born and takes a detour through the mine fires of Centralia on his way to meet up with Financial Coordinator Cousin Drewie in America’s Cesspool: Washington DC.


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