The following are journal exerpts from an exploratory jaunt to Centralia PA aboard the Ninja 500r. Enjoy!

journal excerpt:

A nice fucking ride. Centralia is in the middle of fucking nowhere. Bedding down for the night in Hershey PA. Chocolate bed w/ graham cracker sheets (not Graham Radcliffe sheets). Awful shitty interstate and vile trafficky secondary roads took me to Centralia today. Went through Ashland and somehow missed the turn and had to double back. Coal Town Pennsylvania is a veritable wasteland. There are entire mountains of coal trailings. 100’s of feet high. Entire landscapes reduced to rubble, obliterated. These coal mining towns are row cities, full of freaks and Melungeons. Centralia is a hell hole, the ground smokes from an underground mine fire. The Centralians respect the dead. Their cemetery is well kept. Easy to stealth camp here. The deserted stretch of highway buckles and steams. The mine fire was an abject failure.
It was NOT birthed from a garbage fire.
The Centralia mine fire was a failed attempt by occultists to steal the energy of the earth for their own gain. The natural energy of the earth that has existed for all time!
Reader know hits: YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED unless you are true of heart!
The secrets of the ancients await, but not for the black of heart.
Let the Centralia mine fire burn for all time as a warming to all of the scum out there.

Are you a Hooligan?
Obama knows. Cheney..?

Chinook helicopter over I-81. Blacked out. Special Ops?
It will take more than that to take down the Hooligans.
Live Free and Die Strong.
-Ryder Strong 3/18/10

Long forgotten language of the ancient Centralians adorn many of their grave-obelisks




Modern day Centralians reside underground, long since forced to relocate after the start of the mine-fires. Due to the intense heat, many perished. Those that survive only venture to the surface at night to tend to the cemetery. They are a kind hearted race WITH souls, however the physical adaptation necessary to survive in such a harsh environment has rendered them disfigured and repulsive. Lucky outsiders who have been fortunate enough to glimpse a steaming Centralian troglodyte all concur that they look like THIS.

Equilateral Swastika in mirrored left-facing form. Remnant of the strange and sick ceremonies that left Centralia to burn itself out 1000 years from now. Hooligans never forget friends.

Welcome to Chocolatetown.
Do NOT bite the chocolatewomen, for they will cry GRAPE!
Sakura Do…or DO!
Baby Octopii look like baby penises with legs.
They are delicious! Mas Delicioso yo!
Naked Tuna is also a delight!
Waitress looks like more attractive version of Lynn.
Durian anyone?
Alas, she is Vietnamese and her name is Mary. Close enough.


March 19, 2010
I am in the snake pit. Washington DC (Devils Cauldron). Once you leave Chocolate town you may never return, not really. The entire town smells like chocolate, what a marvelous place to live. Although, why does the Hershey Chocolate Factory have two billowing smokestacks? Why would it take so much energy to produce chocolate?
Do not ask questions when you already know the answer.
New Jersey:


One response to “Centralia

  1. This has to be the most ridiculous and ill spoken testament I’ve ever read by any visitor to the coal region. The mining towns are not full of freaks and melungeons like you say. The only freak or melungeon in any of those towns that you visited was you. It was those people’s ancestors that helped to build this country. Without their contribution and life sacrifice you wouldn’t be riding around on your foreign bike and sleeping in a chocolate bed. And for your own DISINFO, there is no lost language of the coal region. The area has a strong influence from Irish Catholic, Russian-Orthodox, and Welsh immigrants, and it is these writings that appear in their cemeteries. Second DISINFO, the fire was started in the dump to the east of town directly behind the Odd Fellows cemetery. There is no disputing how or why the fire was started. For those that had family living in Centralia, myself being one, during the time that the fire began, understand that it was purely an unfortunate accident and not an attempt by any governing body to claim mineral rights. If that were the case, then why not destroy the town in some other way. If the coal was the target, then why burn it? Also the mine fire in Centralia is not the only one. In fact there are around 45 known coal fires in the state of Pennsylvania alone. It’s only because of the preventable loss of the town and families having to relocate that made the Centralia fire so well known. Third DISINFO, there are only a dozen or so residents that continue to live in the Centralia borough and all of them live in houses (above ground). It is outlandish and insulting that you lie about Centralians being underground monsters that only come out at night. And as for so many perishing from the fire. That is also a lie. Do you really know how many people died from the Centralia mine fire? Not one. Not a single death. Yes there are health risks associated with the gases that are given off but no one has perished from intense heat as you say. DISINFO number four, the fire is not going to burn for thousands of years. The vein of coal that runs under the town is part of the Mammoth vein. As soon as the vein leaves the town it makes steep dive under the the valley as it crosses over to the nearby town of Ashland. This means that the coal vein dips below the water table. So even if the fire doesn’t eventually choke itself out in the near future it will never be able to leave Centralia. It is quite obvious that you know very little about Centralia and the rest of the region and that you are too childish to let go of the legends and folklore that surround the community.

    And on a side note you should do some research on how much energy it takes to make chocolate. I think you would be quite surprised. It may even surprise you that the entire factory at Hershey was built to be self sufficient. That’s a lot of energy!

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