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And the final reviews are in…

Zero hour approaches and stress levels skyrocket. Lot’s of what-ifs and should-i’s. The end-of-the-world cometh, and goeth. Gatherings and get-togethers galore, cuz everyone wants a piece of the manboy before he departs.

I’ve been drinking lots lately, for both merriment and medication. Maybe I’ll dry out on the great Canadian leg of my exodus. Maybe not.
Regardless, the final reviews are in.

Look, people have been clamoring for these reviews; for they need to know what to drink!

Unibroue Don de Dieu: 9.8%. pours w/ a small head. fizzy. smells like La Fin Du Monde, a tasty smell. Very similar LFDM. Strong, yet not hearty. Definitively Quebecois. Not French, but French Canadian. Goes down smooth, creamy, and sweet: a testament to the north and a great brew. Would pair well w/ some good cheese, perhaps some Gorgonzola? Mmm…perhaps!

Unibroue Mauditte: 8%. pours dark and woodsy like a casked scotch. Tasty. A strong brew no doubt with a high abv but not overpowering. Pleasant. Delicious. There is no syrupy taste, so common with red ales. In fact, it is crisp. Noble, even. Would pair well with some freshly caught game.

Lagunitas Hop Stoopid: 8%. Deliciously fresh as if poured from a cask. A delight. Truly hoppy! Extremely so, even. But yet, a perfect blend of bite. Lagunitas got this one right. High abv content, which is offset extremely well and bears little notice and serves to add to the taste even (a hallmark of a good brew). Delightful aroma and finish. Little head, big brains. A beer for the intellect.
Update: a great beer and makes all those who drink it warm and fuzzy, wistful for the future which lies ahead. Fuzzy. Drink at your peril, or not. Hip HOPs hooray.